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Everybody understand that renewable engergy is very important for our world. But it is also important that the so called "grid parity" - the point at which electricity from a photovoltaic system can be offerd at the same price as conventional electricity - will be reached as soon as possible. The attainment of this moment depends on a number of factors: from the module technology and the project design up to growth of the electricity tariff.

ALTERTEC has set itself the task of monitoring the world's solar market and thereby to identify innovative and cost-effective solar products and producers and to initiate the distribution of those products in Europe. 

In the recent years, photovoltaic modules have been installed mainly on open spaces and on roofs of functional buildings. Among the innovative aspects nowadays it is important to consider the aesthetics. Just in this case it will be possible to use almost every roof and wall surface to produce energy.
ALTERTEC will support producer of such photovoltaic modules.

TEC considers products and projects as an integrated, customer-focused global approach. Together with partners, we realize roof-mounted and ground based solar systems either for investors or we develop such systems and sell it to investors upon completion. Furthermore the
ALTERTEC provides maintenance and takes care of the operation of above mentioned power plant.


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